I use design and communications
to provide creative solutions
build relationships.

As a kid, I always questioned the plots of my favourite shows. Why wouldn’t they just tell them what happened? Why not explain the dilemma? From the start, I could see that a clearly delivered message has the power to solve problems. 

After graduating from NAIT’s Graphic Communications program, my career in design started in 2007 with a job at a large commercial printer. As a freelance designer, I’ve been proudly serving Edmonton area small businesses and nonprofits since 2012. 

Through volunteering, I found passion for communications. In 2020, I received my Public Relations Diploma from MacEwan University.

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My Values


 Innovation and passion drive my business. I approach each new project with excitement and try to provide the most personalized solutions possible for my clients.


I believe in the importance of relationships. Community and collaboration are the key to supporting those relationships. I am always seeking partnerships with others that share my values. 


Communication is the heart of what I do. Visually through design or through words and actions, communication can provide solutions to any challenge. I’m open and honest with my clients. I provide the information you need to make the best decisions possible for your organization.


I believe in lifelong learning and always strive to improve through professional development. Educating my clients is also important to me, and I do my best to provide insight and value.

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